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"44 minutes of bliss..."  Indie Music Digest

"the songs Tipper writes are immediate and timeless..."  Kennebec Journal

"an amazing collection of music..."  Muse's Muse

"Like a drug, this CD pulls you in and when it's over,
you want to do it all over again.
.."  Indie Shark

"Tipper juggles genres flawlessly on on her second record..." 
Portland Press Herald



It's all practice.  That's my mantra lately.  Whether you're playing for a huge crowd or working out the last few lines of a song or a new riff on your own, it's all an opportunity to practice craft.  

I'm pleased to share an arranged version of my song Infinite Gray as part of the Celtic World Orchestra.  I'm honored to be among the many outstanding artists featured in this timeless, ageless, ancient and modern collective.  Here's a video link to the song.  

Hoping to make progress on my next album with Jason Hearst and Bob Thompson at HearStudios.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, I still appreciate your support for my album "The Juggler,"  from the album reviews to the kind souls who get in touch to tell me how much they are still enjoying the songs.  Check out a few performances on YouTube, including a performance of Hard Rain's Gonna Fall with Daniel Makins and a cut from my first album Flanagan's Field on  "Maine Songwriters Presents."  

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement--

xo Ellen