1. Camden Market

From the recording The Juggler


Stepping off the double decker bus
Tripping down the cobblestone streets
The smell of chestnuts roasting in the air
This north London town is oh so sweet

Cream tea posted in the window
Couple quid’ll do you right
Let’s sit down and read the Times
Before we head on to the market side

Oh Camden market on a Sunday
No place I’d rather be
Taking my time
Feeling fine
Going easy
Oh Camden market on a Sunday
Sure does make me smile
Feeling free
Think I’ll stay for a while

Let’s stroll over into Dingwalls
Just a little lager for the day
People in here dancing like it’s 2 or 3 in the morning
Take a little walk down by the lock
How’d he get his hair to stand up like that?
I'm thumbing through a Beatles record collection
Good day sunshine


Speakers corner junkies
Nightlife funkies
Sloan Square beauties
American rubies
Oh we could make
A wonderfully colored picture out of this

My fingers are covered with dirt
I stuff another chestnut in my mouth
I wrap my scarf around tighter
And I try not to let any warmth out

We stroll up past Camden Palace
Let’s take a look inside
Maybe we could hear a new indie band tonight