1. Crayons

From the recording Flanagan's Field


If the sky were pink
and the earth were yellow
Do you think we would be more mellow?
I don't know

If we want to change our colors
I think I know a way
My little girl showed me
She showed me just today

She opened her box of crayons
Let them fall all around
There was fuscia and orange and crimson
Grape and chocolate brown
She said, Mama, you color the sky
and I will color the ground
As we set to work on our project
You wouldn't believe what we found

We found purple and green raccoons
and periwinkle panda bears
I don't know about you
but I think it's looking pretty funky out there

So if you're in need of a fix
'cause it's all become the same
open a box of crayons
and make some deep purple rain