From the recording Flanagan's Field


In late soft light
this ordinary hill
fools my eyes
for it rolls yet stays still
then bursts into gold
racing a shadow
It yields hay
but lies fallow
It makes the world
feel less shallow
Please don't build on Flanagan's Field

I traveled so far today
New York City
many miles away
Endless entertainment there
Italian suits and buskers in Times Square
But our souls still search for unspoiled spaced
You can see it in the creases of our faces
We all could use more quiet spaces
so please don't build on Flanagan's Field

The modern world
shiny like a silver cup
lures me in
and swallows me up
How I love the colors of the city streets
but they don't blush like flowers in a field

In the first morning light
I look out on this hill
It feels just right
But I'm off for another urban thrill
As I dance in and out of these two scenes
One electric
One serene
I know where I make my peace
Please don't build on Flanagan's Field